Video for Younger Summer Memories Released (and here’s the story)

On June 4, 2015 we released the Official Video for “Younger Summer Memories”

Here it is.  And here’s the story behind it:

The Song’s Strange Story:
Ok, so we have been asked.  Where’s your drummer?  Who’s the girl? and What’s with the long slow motion scene?
Drummer:  The videographers had to travel pretty far to do this and our drummer couldn’t be there that day and we only had one day to do the shoot.  (The video girl is now back in China) It was “make it there or don’t be in the video”.  It’s a good thing WE could be there,or the video would be just nature scenes right? Our drummer is a school band director and they had a state performance that weekend, so being the director he had to choose or risk his job.  He was on the spot.  But there will be more videos right?  Improvise.
So we weighed the options:
1.  Have a pyrotechnic scene where the drummer blows up (pretend of course) and the drums fly through the air and he isn’t alive to do the video.  That would explain his absence right?
2.  Have a substitute drummer (which we couldn’t find) or –
3.  Just have the female video model be on drums!  Why not? That would intrigue or confuse people or leave people scratching their heads.  So we put the girl on the drums in and out of the video as a sort of surprise and  joke. She’s there.. she’s not there.  Who is she?  A little mystery.
So who IS the girl?:  She is actually one of Brian’s Chinese tutors from college.  Very nice person!
The slow section: It was either that or leave it looking unsynchronized properly with no way to fix it.  We had to move some things around for the song story flow in the edit. So to avoid it coming across as a badly synched Kung-Fu movie in that spot (you know where the words were added and don’t match up with the
mouth speaking? )  by accident, we had to slow motion that section.  (It was our fault for moving the piece, but it needed to be there in that spot for the chorus) And for a couple other reasons.  One of which, is because slow motion shots are really fascinating sometimes.  So if it seem a little slow/long there, well, it was a
sacrifice for other quality.
We didn’t want an all serious video. Aren’t there plenty already?  We like some humor.  And it’s a fun summery song.  So there you have it. Anything else in the video is just open to personal interpretation.  What does it mean?  You tell us.  We don’t know.  Is there an unintentional salute to Benny Hill?  And we may have
another version coming.

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